Karimi Chouyouti, artist from Benin, Porto Novo

Karimi Chouyouti, artist from Benin, Porto Novo.
He had been moving in the art scene of Paris for a long time, commuting between the continents – Europe and Africa. Assisted BLACKMAP, the cultural portal for black cultures, worked as a journalist in the cultural sector for institutions, artists, media. Karimi was a consultant at the Communication Agency 1717 International, managed the work for “Wake up Africa” ​​and supervised special events on sustainable development in Congo. He has taken up the cause of humanitarian aid to this day and is practicing it in a beautiful project in Benin.

Inspired by the collaboration with French and German artists, he has taken the brush himself, realizing that he would like to place his life more intensively in the light of painting and drawing. Intensive studies of his own, as well as the collaboration with other artists got him on the track.

In his images one can see his roots in the country Benin, it jumps right into the eye of the beholder. He would now like to place his wonderful works in the service of humanity, too. Please look for yourself, Karimi really takes us to West Africa.
If you are interested in one of the paintings of Karimi Chouyouti, write to art-for-africa.

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