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Bettina Hachmann, Schloß Wissen, https://bettina-hachmann.de

The many layers of the soul
“The paintings from Bettina Hachmann are much more of her own, a mirror of the artist, figure, landscape, color on canvas, order and chaos, as well as the desire to repeatedly celebrate the process of emotions over the painted picture”.

Quote from the opening speech to the exhibition in Moers,
Dr. Christian Krausch, art historian

„Only in abstract ways does Bettina Hachmann take us into a world of structured surfaces. In doing so, she sets her own footprints, creates many color layers and distinctive lines, and takes the work out of nature. However, such striking structures are not achievable by the layers applied in mixing technique. Paints, pigments, putty and paper are, besides acrylic paints, components of the painting on canvas. From time to time the abstraction of the images is interrupted by a special sign, a writing segment or the like.

The entire surface is enhanced by scratched lines, patched areas, paints applied with brushes, spatulas, rolls or hands. This creates areas which, among other things, are reminiscent of encrustations.“

Quode Monika Götz, Cultural Journalist

If you like a work by the artist, please write to “art for africa“.


Work in public ownership

– Central Auslands- und Fachvermittlung, Federal Center for Employment Bonn
– Volksbank Niederrhein e.G – Sparkasse Krefeld, branch of Geldern Veert
– LINEG linksniederrheinische Entwässerungs-Cooperative, Kamp-Lintford

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If you would like to purchase a picture of Bettina Hachmann, please mail to “mailart-for-africa.com?subject=Art%20for%20Africa%20...%20Ich%20m%C3%B6chte%20ein%20Bild%20von%20Bettina%20Hachmann%20erwerben">art for africa“.

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