H1 DaxlCarl- H1 (Heinz) Daxl – born 1959, scribbled Cowboys with a ball point pen on his fathers oil paintings,
first got in trouble, then his own canvas – later he became artist and illustrator – in between he was a child, a postman, a plumber, an officer and pilot – studied art and design, founded an advertising agency had it for 15 years.

Since 2005 he´s (only) artist.

Heinz has his studio in the Wiedefabrik Munich. Painting, illustration, film / animation, books, TShirts … can be found on the Homepage von H1 Daxl.

If you would like to purchase a picture of H1 Daxl, please write to  art for africa.

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1. bis 10. Dezember 2016 – Kreuzplatz in Zürich

Rambaldi in der Wiede-Fabrik
16. bis 19. Februar 2017 – www.wiede-fabrik.de

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