Godwin Adjei SowahGodwin Adjei Sowah

Has his home in Ghana. Become an artist – that was his desire since his childhood. After the Abitur he attended the Ghanatta College of Arts in Accra from 1995-1998, which he concludes with a prize for the best artist of the year.

As a freelance artist, he opened a gallery shop in Accra, where he offers his pictures, meets with other artists and also teaches painting lessons. It is especially important for him to pass on his skills to children, young people and adults. The income from pictures and diverse workshops enables him and his family to live from what he does.

In his painting, Godwin Adjei Sowah likes typical African motifs. The people in their natural environment and in their everyday activities give their colored, moving pictures their content. He finds inspiration in his immediate surroundings and follows inner pictures, which he attempts to make visible. His medium is mostly the acrylic paints, which he processes on the canvas with a painting knife and a brush. Anyone who sees his pictures feels immediately in African life.

Adjei regularly comes to Germany, and continues to give his skills in Mal-Workshops.
If you are interested in a picture from Adjei, please mail to art-for-africa.de.

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