Inge LouvenInge Louven

Born 1951 in Aachen, Germany. Through marriage, her life focus was transferred to the Zurich Oberland.  “The varied landscape of this region has encouraged me to expand my perception with artistic measures. Through painting, internal images blend with the shapes and colours of my surroundings. In my paintings, my moods, delights and other experiences are shimmering through.” Inge Louven is always in motion as is hardly any other artist. Driven by curiosity and the desire to fathom new ideas, techniques and experiences.

After the installation of her first gallery in the former post office in Wernetshausen, her new studio and permanent showroom is located in Hombrechtikon now. Grüningerstrasse 19 serves her as studio, gallery and consulting facility.

Inge Louven is a successful artist, who has established her name in Switzerland and Germany through numerous exhibitions. As sales coach of “Successful Art Selling”, she has furthermore earned great recognition in both Germany and Switzerland.

Moreover, Inge Louven is a member and great supporter of the “Art for Africa”. One big exposition of the artist group has already taken place very successfully in her gallery.

If you like a work by the artist, please write to “art-for-africa“.

Member of art associations:
– Artischock Kunstverein, Schweiz,
– BBK Bundesverband bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler Aachen Euregio e.V.

Permanently represented:
Galerie Pitz, D-52223 Stolberg b. Aachen

Contact: Inge Louven

Please email to “ for Africa ... Ich möchte ein Bild von Inge Louven erwerben" target="_blank" rel="noopener">art for africa“, if you are interested in a work of Inge Louven.

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