Annette Preedeck

Annette Predeek

Annette Valeska Predeek

Born in Cologne, she sees her abstract paintings in a becoming cycle with exciting backgrounds and many layers that continue to follow. In the pictures she works materials from around the world (stone dust from different centuries, sand from over 180 countries, “ancient” letters and antique rust finds) and tell little stories of distant journeys, certainly a gift from my grandfather, the writer and painter Franz Predeek.

Experimental, abstract acrylic painting with materials of this earth is her destiny. Self-taught, she has progressed from oil painting to pastels and watercolor to her current passion. Layer by layer, the paintings tell stories of distant lands as you read what “ingredients” are hidden in them. Without templates, the images arise from within and through pouring glazes unmistakable unique pieces.

Since 2003, the artist participates in numerous exhibitions, since 2011 also work exhibitions in the European area. Special are your “refinements” of posters or photographs, which artistically complement the image with the same technique and material. The versatile artist also creates as a sculptor, works wonderful works on paper and is active in stage design. She rounds out her image as a lecturer at schools and museums.

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