Annette Preedeck

Annette Predeek

Annette Valeska Predeek is born in Cologne and granddaughter of the writer and painter Franz Predeek.

The experimental, abstract acrylic painting with natural materials on earth is her destiny. Sand from over 169 countries, stone dust from the 1st to the 18th century, antique rusty artifacts and ancient letters (some about more than 100 years) found in her pictures Place. As an autodidact she found from oil painting on pastels and watercolor to its present passion. Layer by layer the pictures tell stories of countries far away, when one reads, which are hidden in them “ingredients”. Without templates the images arise from inside and bulk glazes created distinctive unique.

New are your “enhancements” of posters or photographs that complement the image artistically with the same technique and materials.

Since 2003, more than 80 exhibitions in Cologne-Bonn area realized and worked as a lecturer at schools and museums.Since 2011 art exhibitions in the Netherlands, France and England.

Browse More on the website: Annette Valeska Predeek.

If you wish to purchase a work of Annette, please write to “art for africa“.

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