Thomas Joerger – Sculptures, Pictures & Objects –
Is at home in Switzerland. His studio “tom-art” can be found there.

As a child and a young man, he observed and assisted his father (architect) in numerous and varied design and renovation projects. Working on old homes, he learned to work with stone, wood, iron   and a variety of other building materials.  His slogan was “learning by doing,” and my life was completely filled with artistic quest.

The painter Silke Glättli and his teacher Wilhelm Jaeger (artist) at the Zurich University of the Arts encouraged him to work freely and autodidactically, which he still does today with body and soul.

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    • 1962        borne in Zurich, Switzerland
    • 1978-81 commercial apprenticeship (KVZ)
    • 1983       in Southern France first stonework out of sandstone and shelly limestone
    • 1983-84  travelling one year through South America with a sketch-book
    • 1984-87  college of arts and crafts Zurich (coursework: “Science of Colors,” Joh. Itten).
    • 1987       alone in Southern France, time for uninterrupted work on sculptures and paintings
    • 1988      in London, I studied numerous museums and galleries with my sketch-book
    • 1988-90 RTW-travelling; painting a book with 100 travel-paintings
    • 1996      first large sculptures
    • 2003-   exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad
    • 2013-    board member of Artischock (artist association)
    • 2015      Palm Art Award, Special Prize Sculptures
    • 2016     Co-Curator KUNST WASSBERG (sculptures exhibition) and member of  a
      culture working groupe from the community of Erlenbach (Kulturtreff Erlenbach)

Sales in collections: Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and USA

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