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Over 30 years have passed since ChrisPierre Labüsch created their first metal works in a small garage in Dübendorf (Switzerland). Since then, the two artists have continually developed their extensive work and gradually established themselves in the art scene.

Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad reflect their continued success. Coming up are 2 museum exhibitions in Japan (in 2017 Kanaya Art Museum and in 2019 Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo).

Humans are often the focus of their artistic work. Their sculptures are the result of thorough studies of human being, its environment and nature. Their partially abstract figures seem graceful and delicate. They create a synthesis of statement clarity and form beauty which result from the two metal artists’ intensive examination of their ideas, views and emotions. Increasingly the artists create not only figurative work but more abstract, concrete as well as constructive art. Design elements in their work are the basic colors red, yellow and blue and the two iron sculptor artists us it often very playfully.

The artist duo ChrisPierre Labüsch lives and works in Winterthur (Switzerland) and inspires many viewers with their works. With innovative enthusiasm and a wealth of ideas, the two artists have been pursuing their own path, self-assertively and persistently. Therefore it is no surprise that they are always able to successfully position themselves and have been able to make a living from their art work for 25 years.

If you are interested in a work of the artist, please an e-mail toart for africa“.

For over 30 years, ChrisPierre Labüsch has been creating unique and well-known iron sculptures. The artist’s duelist is located in Winterthur (Switzerland), on the former industrial estate of the Sulzer Group.

 Geotakeles – Interpretation to the presented works

 Pierre and I had the idea of ‘Geotakeles’ 30 years ago.

The imaginative ‘Geotakeles’ is derived from ‘Geo’ = ‘geographic orientation’ and ‘takeles’ = clear language (tacheles talking). With this iron sculpture, in 1987, after our figurative work, we created our first abstract work, then made of iron waste from earlier works.

Regarding the current museum exhibition in Japan, we were looking back on these origins and decided to join ‘Geotakeles’.

For the new plants, this time we were only working on high-quality chrome steel. On extensive modeling studies and models, the cut-out and over-grinding of the individual iron parts followed. With the accurate alignment and assembly of the trigones, we completed the iron sculptures according to our own visions.

The floor and wall objects are now on display. The standing works symbolize an uplifting life which runs in different directions of heaven.

The wall objects show changes in time and point to future perspectives.

An excerpt of exhibitions and career

Pierre / Chris born in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Education at MSW Winterthur

First works

Collaboration with various artists in Canada

Collaboration with Ken Pink on the project “Holocaust and America” ​ in Vancouver

First solo exhibition in Winterthur Galerie d’Art

Own studio in Winterthur, Lindspitz

Move into vacant industrial building of Sulzer AG Winterthur, becomes new studio, Studies at School of Art Mark Kostabi in New York; Cast Iron Gallery, first exhibition in New York

Design of the entrance hall of Sulzer Burckhardt AG

Heian Gallery / Nishimura Gallery, exhibition in Japan

Art at the Lake 03, Villa Sunneschy, Stäfa

VierArtstättersee, Vitznau

Kunsthaus, Glarus; Artosa, 3rd  Sculpture Exhibition in Arosa

openArt 2011, Roveredo; Sculpture Path, Stammheim

Small OpenArt, Ottenbach; 1st prize Klimalandsgemeinde, Winterthur; Creation of sculpture PlantArt

Gallery Nievergelt; OpenArt 2013, Roveredo; Exhibition Liebestrasse

Museum exhibition in Tokyo (Ueno Royal Museum); Art Exhibition around Hegi castle; Creation of the Stadtspielwerkes, Merkurplatz in Winterthur; Gallery Art333, Wädenswil

openArt 2015, Roveredo; Louvens Art-Circle; Gallery Schloss Wildenstein; Gallery Living Sculptures

openArt 2016, Roveredo; Louvens Art-Circle; Gallery Living Sculptures

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