“You will not be a painter, you are a painter”    Oskar Koller

Anne Malerin

Anne Bartolomaeus lives, looks and feels a variety of colors. She likes to put these colors on paper and canvas. Her themes begin in reality and end in a free color field painting. It is important for her to find a stress field between the forms and the intensity of the color. Playing with the complementing colours enables her to give the picture its spatiality and depth.

The emergence of an image is like a dialogue. My conversation content is to set the color areas, the respective composition state gives me the answer. If there is nothing left to say – then the picture is ready …

She has been supported for years by Ekkehardt Hofmann, Marianne Kindt, Gabriele Musebrinck, Claudia Kassner, Jerry Zeniuk and Isolde Folger. She enjoys working in her Rostock group, as this community is characterized by mutual inspiration and mutual exchange.

Painting is Anne’s great passion.

She is also professionally involved in pictures, since she works as a radiologist in a large hospital in Rostock.

If you want to buy a picture from Anne Bartolomaeus … MAIL to “artforafricaicloud.com">art for africa“.

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