Galerie le Art

Galerie le Art

“Not the name of the artist, but the work is decisive“- Guiding principle of the gallery le Art.

Josef Zinsberger, born in 1966, works in Langenzersdorf near Vienna. In his works, man is a central theme of his pictures, which he mostly uses in black / white and light effects. In his abstract works in oil or acrylic, he works with a wide range of materials such as marbles, pigments, and natural materials to enhance the three-dimensionality, symbolism and expressiveness. It makes personal experiences and what is seen visible after an internalization process.

More about his Vita and his works on his homepage:

If you would like to purchase a work from Josef Zinsmeister, please send an email to: “art for africa”


• Member of the Association of Professional Artists of Austria
• Member of the IG BILDENDE Künstler Österreichs
• Member of the Cultural Association of Lower Austria
• Founder of the ARTIONISTS

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