Raschi Küng, Winterthur, Swiss artist

It was not the academy but her professional life that brought Raschi closer to art: During her four-year apprenticeship as a typeface painter, which today corresponds to the designation advertising technology designer, she printed for artists using the screen printing process. She learned to handle real gold, impact aluminum and the calligraphy pen. Later employments enable her to deal with new media and technologies and to professionalize.

On various substrates, the artist combines old-fashioned and modern printing techniques. She calls it “pre-applicative printing”: acrylic or oil paint and, for example, gold are applied by hand in the old fashioned way. Only at the end follows the printing directly on the substrate painted with paint. Depending on the subject and feasibility in giclée or screen printing process.

Currently, Raschi is refining her pre-applicative printmaking technique with representational painting. Her sketchbooks are full of mythical creatures and whimsical figures, with this new work she gives some of them a stage in the form of a carousel.

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