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Eva Hoppert in front of her work

The artist was born in Vienna in 1948. She studied at the Freie Kunsthochschule from 1995 to 1999.

Nürtingen, from 1999 to 2001 at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg and from 2003 to 2005 at the European Art Academy Trier. Since 2000 Eva Hoppert has been working as a freelance visual artist and lives and works in Baden Württemberg.

In her painting she mostly moves in natural spaces: she draws her ideas and ideas from the diversity of nature, from the vegetable forms, from natural plays of light and colour. It is at the same time far-sighted and close-up; it directs the viewer gesturally and expressively to the symbols hidden in nature such as roots, intertwining, darkening, colour nuances and cross-fades.

However, it is very important for Eva Hoppert to draw attention to the relationship of external nature to internal nature – to the being of man – with every image. Each picture is intended to address the desire to get completely lost in beautiful surroundings and yet come to the realization that nature’s oversized wealth of colours and forms, the whole range of possibilities for living, can only be experienced by us from the distance of our self-confidence. With these expeditions through real and internalized gardens, Eva Hoppert embarks on a search for the paradisiacal.

If you are interested in a work by the artist, please send an e-mail to mailart-for-africa.com">“Art for africa”.


1974 – 1995
Self-employed activity

1995 – 1999
Studies at the free art academy Nürtingen (D)

1999 – 2001
International Summer Academy Salzburg (A), Prof. S. Anzinger, Prof. Ch.L.Attersee, Prof. H. Santarossa

2003 – 2005
European Academy of Art Trier (D), Lecturers R. Viva, Doz. R. Becker, Doz. W. Rüppel

since 2000
Freelance visual artist

lives and works in Nürtingen (D)


Federal Association of Fine Artists
Kunst Stuttgart International e.V.
Kunstverein Nürtingen e.V.
Künstler of Filder e.V.
Württembergischer Kunstverein e.V.


Studio: Oberensingerstrasse 20, 72622 Nürtingen-Zizishausen
Mobil:   #49 [172] 3196829
E-Mail: mailevahoppert-art.de

Selection of solo exhibitions:

  • 2018 Galery Forum Türk, Nürtingen (D)
  • 2017 Institute for Economic Development, Vienna (A); Steiner am Fluss, Plochingen (D)
  • 2015 Hohenwart Forum, Pforzheim  (D)
  • 2013 Johanneskirche, Wernau (D); Samariterstiftung Nürtingen (D); Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung, Nürtingen (D)
  • 2012 Bezirksmuseum Josefstadt Wien (A); Waldmüller Zentrum, Kultur 10, Wien (A)
  • 2010 Galery am Salzgries, Wien (A)
  • 2007 City Hall Stadt Nürtingen (D)
  • 2003 Metabo Werke, Nürtingen (D)
  • 2005 City Hall Riederich (D)
  • 2002 Frankfurt Airport, Senator Lounge (D), Diakonisches Werk, Stuttgart (D)
  • 2000 City Hall Wolfschlugen (D)
  • 1999 Cultural Forum Bad Mergentheim (D)

Selection of exhibition participations:

  • 2018 Artists of the Filder, Filderstadt (D)
  • 2017 Kalteneck Castle, Holzgerlingen (D), Museum of the City of Zerbst-Anhalt (D), Hohenwart Forum, Pforzheim (D)
  • 2016 Kunstverein Nürtingen (D), Gallery Forum Türk, Nürtingen (D)
  • 2015 Kerstan Gallery, Backnang (D)
  • 2014 Art Association Nürtingen (D)
  • 2013 Spectrum Miami art fair, Miami (USA), European Art Fair, Strasbourg (F), Art San Diego, Contemporary Art Fair, San Diego (USA), HFAF Houston fine art fair, Houston (USA), 2013 Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart (D)
  • 2013 European Art meets Porec (HR), Stuttgart Administrative Court (D), Internat. Fair for Antiques and Contemporary Art, Sindelfingen (D)
  • 2012 Kunstverein Nürtingen (D), Rabnitztaler Malerwochen, Unterrabnitz (A), Palais Palffy, Vienna (A), Städtische Galerie Altes Feuerwehrhaus, Bad Reichenhall (D)
  • 2011-2002 Gallery Wolfrum, Vienna (A) Kleine Galerie Wien (A), Gallery Ulrike Hrobsky, Vienna (A), Galerie am Salzgries, Vienna (A), Milotice Bisenz Palace (CZ), Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart (D), GEDOK at Mössingen City Hall (D), Wolfschlugen City Hall (D), Gallery Keim, Stuttgart (D), GEDOK Reutlingen (D), Kunstverein Nürtingen (D)

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