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Dear Mrs Schryvers, Everytime I come home, I cannot wait to have a look at the living room. This room is equipped quite conservatively and kept in warm shades. Now there is the counterpoint of the supposedly ice cold “Gletscher explosiv”, Explosive Glacier, and it warms me! By now I am aware that I have […]

Positive Perspectivism

Solveig Rapelius Regarding her motivation in supporting “Action pro Humanity”, Solveig Rapelius says: “If one lives the thought of “positive perspectivism”, which means perceiving and appreciating very clearly small things and and, in doing so, also trying to reach new horizons, it is obvious that the consciousness of “We are fine!” can only be practised […]

To be human and to paint is one thing

Expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth and death – her “intuitive process painting” is a reflection of natural life processes while rooting out the pertaining materials and techniques in the process of painting. She is devoted to natural materials with a life of their own: Pigments, marble flour, soil, oils, dammar, bone glue, wax, […]

art from the Bronxx

Andreas Horstmann Andreas has – besides his sculptures – also donated some of his new works to “Art for Africa”. What a pleasure!! Thanks Andreas. The artist has – in his creative and humorous way – captured everyday things, inspired by the landscape of the Wendland. He even processed his glasses.   It is worth […]

in touch with colours

Birgit C. Läpple Schryvers These are about the right colours to enter Africa’s blaze and its zest for life. We are very happy to be able to conceive these new pieces of art. 75% of each painting’s revenue will be donated to the humanitarian work of Action pro Humanity. There is an urgent need for […]

Kreative Flüchtlingshilfe Munich

There are so many who want to do something about the refugee crisis. It is just that some people lack the possibility of active work. That is why we suggest: Help with the purchase of art. You can do something good for yourself and other people as well… now also for the refugees work. We […]