Zyklus Island Gletscher explosiv__Dear Mrs Schryvers,

Everytime I come home, I cannot wait to have a look at the living room. This room is equipped quite conservatively and kept in warm shades. Now there is the counterpoint of the supposedly ice cold “Gletscher explosiv”, Explosive Glacier, and it warms me!

By now I am aware that I have to be sceptical towards myself when I am spontaneously attracted by a certain painting – as in Langenzersdorf. After half an hour, however, I was still ravished and bought it before other potential buyers could do so. Yesterday I tried several ways to hang it on different parts in my apartment, and finally chose a place where it very much stands out from its surroundings.

That is where I like it even more than at first sight last Sunday. I keep looking at it with joy, and I do not have to wear a coat despite the prickling frosty impression but instead I am feeling even warmer!

Thank you so much!

All the best, Einhart Scharpf

P.S.: For filing purposes I took a photo of the painting and saved it. This way I can send it to you again as document or reminder, although the impression of even a good quality photo will evidently never be the same as the original painting.


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