The supreme guardian of german culture: Prof. Monika Grütters

Our new ambassador … we are extremely pleased, Prof. Grütters! Thank you very much in the name of international understanding, art and humanity. The artists of our alliance “art for africa” thank you.


Greetings from the Minister of State Prof. Monika Grütters MdB
For the website of the art project “Art for Africa”

Art can contribute to understanding and feeling (Empathy)  with people suffering from hunger, drought, disease and a lack of educational opportunities in a variety of ways. Art can show faces and stories behind sober numbers. Art can make the invisible visible. Art can open up ways of understanding through linguistic and cultural barriers. Art can broaden the boundaries of the imaginable – and thus also the limits of our empathy.

People in Africa need our empathy – and especially concrete help. The art alliance “Art for Africa”, which I like to support, shows that art can also mobilize forces for this. I would like to sincerely thank the participating artists for their great commitment and the willingness to promote humanitarian projects in West Africa through sales revenues.

Prof. Monika Grütters [Foto: Christof Rieken]

I wish them all the best for their common cause of alleviating need and opening up future perspectives!

Prof. Monika Grütters
Kulturstaatsministerin für Kultur und Medien




To be human and to paint is one thing

Porträt Gabriele Musebrink

Expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth and death – her “intuitive process painting” is a reflection of natural life processes while rooting out the pertaining materials and techniques in the process of painting. She is devoted to natural materials with a life of their own: Pigments, marble flour, soil, oils, dammar, bone glue, wax, natural whitewash and many more. Synthetic and ready-made colours are hardly used.

“Over more than 30 years I have been developing my own language and artificial form of expression, based on informal art yet going beyond it, resulting in pictural holographic objects.”

What a pleasure to have you with us, dear Gabriele, thank you!

art from the Bronxx

Andreas HorstmannAndreas Horstmann

Andreas has – besides his sculptures – also donated some of his new works to “Art for Africa”. What a pleasure!! Thanks Andreas.

The artist has – in his creative and humorous way – captured everyday things, inspired by the landscape of the Wendland. He even processed his glasses.


It is worth to have a look:


in touch with colours

Birgit C. Läpple Schryvers

Pigmente Ebenholz Mischtechnik auf Leinwand | Format 60 x 60 cm | 350 Euro (zzgl. 25 Euro Versand)These are about the right colours to enter Africa’s blaze and its zest for life. We are very happy to be able to conceive these new pieces of art. 75% of each painting’s revenue will be donated to the humanitarian work of Action pro Humanity. There is an urgent need for a gastroscopical device in the hospital – we would like to participate in the cost.

These are about the right colours to plunge into African colours and zest for life. We are happy to welcome these new artworks. 75% of the revenues will be given to the Action pro Humanität“. There is an urgent need for a gastroscopical device in the hospital – that is where we want to help out.

new artist: Dr. Anne Bartholomaeus

Anne Bartolomaeus

Anne Bartolomaeus

We welcome a new artist to “Art for Africa”: Anne Bartholomaeus from the north, Rostock. Anne donates some of her latest works to “Art for Africa”. Welcome Anne!

Further information on Anne Bartholomaeus.