we hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday despite the adverse circumstances.


As you have probably already heard, we are unfortunately still not allowed to run face-to-face courses, so Your course 322611L – “Full-body training with Pilates elements” cannot start yet .


The corona situation cannot currently be assessed, so that no statement can be made as to when we will be allowed to start the courses.

The start dates of all gymnastics / fitness and dance courses in attendance are now postponed for the homepage (only as a precaution after the Whitsun holidays) so that it is clear to all interested parties that the courses are not canceled, but only postponed and will take place as soon as the Regulations allow.


We will only notify you again when your course can be safely carried out with the information about the expected number of dates such as the reduced course price.


So that you can bridge the time until the start of the course in person, some new online fitness courses (starting in April) will be available on our homepage