Portraitfoto Stefanie SeilerStefanie Seiler, Opfikon bei Zürich | www.sastekunst.ch

Stefanie Seiler was born in Carinthia / Austria and lives in Switzerland since 2001.

In 2012, she found her artistic expression in abstract painting. By experimenting with many materials and the intensive confrontation with herself, she has found her own style. Nevertheless, she continues to surprise with new directions. Her focus is always “what is right now, in this moment”. Layer by layer she builds her artworks.

A canvas for her is like an empty space, that tells you, where which colour will find its place.  Then she lets it flow and intuitively follows the movements of its interior expression. Emotions and energies are expressed in colours and shapes. The completion of an image is carried out in harmony with itself. The spontaneity way, she uses  materials  bring some exciting results.

Her works are shown in many national and international exhibitions since 2013. She is also co-founder and organizer of several international art projects.

Her major concern ist to touch people and bring a moment to pause. Since September 2016 she is permanently represented in her own studio in Glattpark / Opfikon / CH. www.sastekunst.ch

If you like the art of Stefanie Seiler, please send mail to: art-for-africa.de.

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