Solveig Rapelius

Solveig Rapelius was born in Frankfurt / Main, she grew up in Germany, the USA and Greece. After her non-artistic studies and her professional experience, she lived in Switzerland (near Zurich) for the last few years, until she settled near Ulm in 2012.

Since 2008, she has started exhibitions and galleries in Germany and Switzerland. The leitmotiv of a “positive perspective”, according to which the perception on the world depends. A respective (self-chosen) perspective of the viewer  explains the recurring central themes of “perspective”, “horizons” and “character” in her paintings.

The focus is on the intensive perception and visualization of ideas, emotions and thoughts, can lead to new developments in which the viewer can also explore new horizons through the (unconscious) perception a “butterfly effect”.

For art can be more than a representation. Art can do something in the viewer.
Solveig Rapelius says: “If you live the idea of ​​a positive perspective, then, when you can deliberately perceive and appreciate the small things, then you can achieve a completely different horizon. It is on the hand, that even the awareness, ‘We are doing well!’ Can only be practiced if a positive impulse is sent to those who are not doing so well. For consciousness and self-awareness always depends on the position and perspective of a whole. Depending on your own horizon.”

Continue to browse the Solveig Rapelius website. Here you can also find information about her next exhibition. Solveig provides APH 20% from the sale of each image.

If you want to buy a work of art by Solveig Rapelius … please mail  “art for africa

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