Betty Schmidt, Fotokunst – painting with the camera – gestische Fotografie

The artist Alberto Giacometti expresses in words exactly what Betty feels in abstract gestural photography:

“I see something, I find it wonderful, I want to give it back. Whether I am unsuccessful, whether it succeeds, becomes unimportant. Whether I preempt by failing, or if I advance by success, it is a personal gain for me.”

For Betty, photography is a kind of language with which she wants to express her thoughts and feelings, and less the outer reality.

Real, objectified banished their imagination. All memories of all too concrete are extinguished as soon as they press the trigger of the camera. She uses the fraction of a second to take pictures with her body full. Body and camera are thus a unity and are her tools to create a new image of what is seen, something that lies between the moments, something that never comes back.

In order to intensify the picturesque character of the photographs, the works of Betty are printed on canvas with a noble, dull silky glossy surface structure and mounted on a wedge frame.

Every piece of work is specially finished for the individual buyers needs and requirements. The price depends on the desired size, eg: Format 120 x 80 cm: 1.200 € (incl. Shading frame) plus shipping.

If you want to buy a work by Betty Schmidt, please mail to „art for africa„.


Landhotel Birkenhof
Neunburg v. Wald
Art exhibition on the occasion of the 20th anniversary

Louven’s ArtCircle 2015 #2, exhibition of gallery artists, , Hombrechtikon, Schweiz
Similarities – Contrasts Atelier TonArt AG, Hombrechtikon, Schweiz

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