Porträt Raschi KüngRaschi Küng – Winterthur, Schweiz

I have never studied art, but learned a lot about it in my education as graphic designer. We have screen printed for picky artists, I have learned to us the calligraphy pen and also how to gild mirrors and glass and all kind of subsoils. In later employments I got the chance to develop and improve modern technologies.

On different subsoils I combine old and modern printing technologies. I call it

preapplicative printing technology: I apply acrylic or oil paint, together with real gold on for example iron. At the end I print over it. It depends on what kind of subject, in screen print or giclée technology.

 This word creation is one of mine, and it means, to combine hand painted acrylic- and oil color and real gold, with different printing technologies. I usually us it in combination with screen print and a airbrush technology. I not only use canvas as subsoil, but old used wood, stone, rusted iron and all kind of interesting but flat materials.

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– art 333 in wädenswil/au . kleinformate . vom 21.11.15 bis 5.2.16 www.art333.ch
– villa grunholzer “vestibule” uster . von 4.12.15 – 7.4.16 www.villagrunholzer.ch
– technopark winterthur, eurest cafeteria, vom 5.1. – 31.3.16

Neuestes video der künstlerin auf vimeo: www.vimeo.com

mitglied der künstlergruppe EchtPunkt, winterthur www.echtpunkt.ch

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