Andreas Hürlimann – – Igis, Schweiz

Andreas Hurlimann, a Swiss doctor and traveler, has photographed selected motifs of huge rock formations, sand, water and ice in many different places on all seven continents of the world for almost 40 years.  He is the author of over 10 thousand photographs, most of which motifs are rocks photographed in a very particular way.  The most frequently chosen motifs by the author are significantly augmented rock textures, their “outer layer” rich in colors and value.

From among unusual shapes and profusion of pigment colors, he picks the ones which are affected only by the light – bringing out their art forms to the fore. Hence, the photographs of Andreas Hurlimann depict true reality captured by the camera lens of an artist who is highly sensitive to beauty. This ability to perceive a remarkable moment, sometimes a very short one, is defined as an impressionistic experience of an artist who translates for us the realistic language of nature into artistic, abstract pictures, sometimes subtly retouched by a chiaroscuro of a deep perspective.  These pictures, although captured through the eye of a camera, become paintings able to be interpreted in the language of art.

The works of Andreas Hurlimann were presented numerous times in galleries in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Poland.  They are held in private collections and are continuously exhibited by the TonArt  gallery in Hombrechtikon near Zurich.

If you would like to purchase a work by Andreas Hürlimann, please mail toart for africa“.

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