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„I’m always interested in perception psychology: we only see what we want to see, at the same time everyone wants to believe only what he / she has seen. My work goes beyond the actual work of art to the present act of contemplation. Whether painting, photography, or moving pictures, my works lie between “real” and “abstract,” they represent reality as unreal and the unreality as real. I would like to make it possible that we are not victims of our surrounding reality but recognize ourselves as creatures. So I understand my artistic work as an invitation to expand my consciousness.“

1958 Born in Munich, Germany
1975 – 1978 studied Graphic Design at the Institute for Graphic Design in Munich U5
Since 1981 studio for corporate design, graphics and illustration
Since 2005 painting and photography
Since 2010 individual and group exhibitions
Since 2015 studio and gallery in 82363 Weilheim / Obb., Obere Stadt 8

Member of the BBK (Berufsverband Bildender Künstler)

As FreiFrank with his studio Frank Fischer, he devotes himself to free painting and artistic photography. He has his studio in Weilheim. Contact:

If you would like to buy a picture from FreiFrank, please send an email to “art for africa”.

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