In autumn 2015 Stefan Budian was for seven weeks in Kigali, Rwanda.

During this time, one of his multimedial treasures was created in collaboration with 17 Rwandan artists. He made the series “Thoughts of Rwanda” in 2017, in order to revive the thoughts and memories of Rwanda.

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Stefan Budian was born in 1965 and lives in Mainz, where he also completed his studies of painting as a masterclass by Friedemann Hahn in 1995. Since then he has done many exhibitions and other artistic projects at home and abroad. In 2015, he was commissioned by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Culture to explore the possibilities for an exchange of artists among scholarship recipients between Rhineland-Palatinate and Rwanda.

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Thoughts of Rwanda, 2017
[With the link can now be played and Stefan tells us his Rwunda story]

Works as digitalprint on paper, each 30 x 40 cm | 90,00 Euro | Plus 10,00 € shipping costs
The art-factories are made on request specially for the buyer. Please write to “art-for-africa“.

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